Empowering families & Strengthening our community is essential.


Safe Passage has remained open, supporting coastal families & providing ongoing services to our clients.  As the effects of the pandemic evolved, so have our methods of service.

For over 25 years serving as the north coast hub for local families seeking information, resources or support, it is important to us that we find a way to help our community members.  

Upon commencement of the first "Shelter in Place" order, Safe Passage implemented a unique operating schedule.  To ensure our local families did not go without necessary support, the staff at Safe Passage implemented creative alternatives to continue providing services.  In addition to remote work & office visits by appointment, we met with people in parking lots, at the beach, in a driveway, wherever there was a need - we found a way.  We flexed our hours and days, working nights, weekends, ensure every child's basic needs were met.


In an effort to keep our community members informed of our status & additional resources, Safe Passage continues to post updated information with front door signage, social media posts & updating website information.


Recently, we returned to the following office hours.

Mon -Thurs 12pm to 5pm

If you are planning to visit us, for our safety & yours,

Safe Passage has implemented the following MANDATORY office visit protocol:

  • Do Not visit if you feel sick

  • Pre-Entry digital temperature scan 

  • Masks are REQUIRED to enter/remain inside the building.

  • Please observe social distancing