Domestic Violence

Project Sanctuary

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

24/7 helpline where you can reach an advocate and get help.

707 964-4357

If there is immediate danger, call 911

Through our remote response, we are committed to providing a full slate of services including safe and confidential individual and/or group counseling, domestic violence restraining order advocacy, prevention education, volunteer crisis counselor training and more. Our emergency safe house also remains operational, although capacity is capped at half in order to mitagate the spread of Covid 19.

Despite its name, provides information that is relevant to people of all genders, not just women. Our Email Hotline will provide legal information to anyone who reaches out with legal questions or concerns regarding domestic violence, sexual violence, or any other topic covered on

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Domestic Violence information, statistics and resources.

Victims of Crime Resource Center

Provides information and referrals statewide to victims, their families, victim service providers, and victim advocates. Primarily through the hotline, Center staff provide resource and referral information to victims and their families, victim service providers, and other victim advocates. Callers receive information on such matters as victims compensation, victims’ rights in the Justice System, restitution, civil suits, right to speak at sentencing and parole board hearings, as well as information on specific rights of victims of domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse, and abuse against disabled. 

CALL OR TEXT  1-800-VICTIMS or 1-800-842-8467  TTY: 916-739-7083


California Victim Compensation Board

The California Victim Compensation Board is a state program dedicated to providing reimbursement for many crime-related expenses to eligible victims who suffer physical injury or the threat of physical injury as a direct result of a violent crime.

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