There are many ways to contribute to the success of a local child without breaking the bank...  Here's a couple easy ideas...

Contributing to Success

How Less Can Be More...

One Simple Dollar WILL Make A Difference


Your gift, no matter how small you think it is, WILL create a positive impact!

Imagine the possibilities if you, and everyone you know, gave $1 each…

Every little bit  - $1, $5, $10, $20 or $50 will make a substantial difference in the future of a local child in your community. 



Make a Commitment


Wouldn’t it be fun to challenge your family, friends or coworkers

to make a monthly pledge with you?  


Maybe a $5 Friday - everyone pitches in $5 each Friday.

A group of people turns a smaller gift into a larger one!

It's easy to use PayPal for sending in pledges.

Or simply make a pledge on your own, every month proudly share  in person

with those you know, or on your social media.   Discuss the importance of being part of making a change.  Talk about how you contribute to the success of local children,

and tell others how they can strengthen their community.

Did you know, Small contributions given on a regular basis

actually do make a considerable difference.?


Sharing is Caring!

Tell your friends, colleagues and family that they can be the difference in a local child’s life!  Tell them about Safe Passage and share our web page or Facebook with them.Share information about Safe Passage on your social media accounts!  Like and follow us on Facebook.  You can easily share our information with others as well as keep up to date on events, classes and what we are doing in the community.


Each & Every Donation is Gratefully Accepted 

Deeply Appreciated

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