Change isn't good... It's GREAT!!!

Safe Passage Family Resource Center has spent twenty four years in their original location. 208 Dana Street, where they first opened their doors, right next to the Fort Bragg High School.

In over two decades, Safe Passage has helped thousands of local children and caregivers with valuable information, resources, and referrals to additional organizations and agencies. As the second oldest organization on the Mendocino Coast that specializes in serving children and families, they have provided vital support such as shoes, clothing, and hygiene supplies to children without shelter, utility payments, rental assistance to prevent homelessness, and so much more.

Many parents and caregivers have attended playgroups, support groups and classes in the building next door to the high school. Over the years, Safe Passage FRC has become a well known hub for finding support and services in this rural coastal area and the communities within.

As the need for services has increased, Safe Passage has outgrown their original space.

The last two months have been an Easter egg hunt, of sorts, for a new location. One that would not only support the continued growth of Safe Passage, but be a safe and welcoming environment for those who walk through the doors. Over the last week, the fantastic Safe Passage team packed up and began the move into a bright, beautiful future.

Now, even closer to downtown, with easy access for everyone, Safe Passage Family Resource Center is EXCITED to invite the community to come over and check out the new location!

Keep watching for the opening celebration details!!!