Sometimes in life, one door closes... 

and then another one opens.


​We would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation

to the Guardians of Safe Passage.


​These community members support our mission to ensure all children have safe passage through our communities and our schools.  Their unparalleled generosity enables Safe Passage to provide vital support, assistance and information to our local families. 

Our guardian angels believe in the Safe Passage vision of

a strong community filled with nurturing families -

happy successful parents, caregivers and children. 


Their contributions, serve as a catalyst,

opening new doors and strengthening our coastal communities.

From Safe Passage FRC & Our Coastal Communities

A Heartfelt Thank You To:

The MCJC Justice Group
Helen Jacobs
Judy Stavely
Linda Jupiter
Claire Ellis & Chuck Greenberg
Marnie Press
Sandy Berrigan
Tansy Chapman
Lillian Cartwright
Suzanne & Stephen Whitaker
Merry Winslow
Jeannette Rasker & Robert Cutler
Jean & Otto Graham
Mary Alice Bastian
Cynthia Hoffman
Harriet Bye & Larry Sawyer
Mary Ittner & Robert Rutenoeller
Karen & Michael Moreland
Susan Larkin & James Ehlers
Our Anonymous Guardians.

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