Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring a Community Event

We hold informational and fundraising events throughout the year to raise awareness of, or support for, a variety of issues that affect our local children, youth, families and communities. 

​Sponsor a Group/Class/Program

Due to funding cuts vs. increase for support of basic needs, we have had to eliminate many of our long running support groups, play groups, parenting classes and programs vital to child development, social emotional learning and family strengthening. 

Your sponsorship of a group or class will not only benefit the families involved, but our community as well.

Sponsor a single one day activity for youth, skill building, an art class, a yoga class or a series of weekly activities.  

Consider sponsoring one of the important programs that we had to eliminate...

Sponsor Our Youth

One of the best opportunities for a child to thrive, is provided by extracurricular activities such as sports, gymnastics, cheer, dance, martial arts, or music lessons.  For many families, the cost is prohibitive.  We often have parents who come to us for assistance to defray the cost of registration, equipment, etc... 

Your sponsorship of one or more of our local youth provides a powerful window of opportunity, one that can build confidence, character and community engagement.