Now Recruiting Volunteers!!!

With only a handful of employees, Safe Passage FRC always has a need for extra help.


Volunteers are a much needed and very appreciated asset!

We have a many types of volunteer opportunities to choose from.


Here are some of the ways you can help us, and make a difference in our community!!

​Volunteering time can be done in  a variety of ways. 

Let us know your interests, and what you enjoy doing. 


We have volunteer opportunities available for community events, 

fundraisers, outreach and more.

Some of the areas we often need assistance with are on site, 

administrative tasks, such as:

Assisting in the front office, greeting people who come in,

answering phones, translation services, sharing information

and resources, general office duties, etc...       


Additional on site tasks may include processing donations,

filling backpacks, organizing, sometimes light labor such as painting.


Have an art form, hobby or craft you enjoy?  Fashion, hair or beauty routines?  Music, sport, or game to share?  Enjoy cooking, yoga, fitness, nutrition? What talent or skill can you share with others? 


Origami, maybe?

Teach a class or two, have fun & share your passion with others.


You can teach one class, or more...weekly or monthly.  Work with adults, youth or children... or a combination of all. 


We'd love to hear your ideas!!!!

Youth Program Volunteer

Volunteer in one of our youth programs, for middle school, high school or transition age youth. 

Some of the activities you could help with include arts and crafts, connecting with nature, fitness, tutoring, job readiness, life skills and more. 


Be a guest speaker or teach a special class. 


Investing in our local youth is an investment in our community.

Ready to volunteer? 

Have questions? 

Ideas to share?


Lets talk!

     Give us a call            Drop by          Send a message 


We look forward to hearing from you!