Women of Wellness

A unique recovery program, offering a gender-based approach.  This interactive group provides guidance & support, empowering women recovering from addictions of all types. 


Women of Wellness (WoW) focuses primarily on substance addiction, however 

this program has proved beneficial for women with behavioral addictions such

as shopping, hoarding, eating, gambling, and more.


WoW is a community-based, interactive recovery group, offering a safe and 

supportive environment.  Women of Wellness is designed to guide women step

by step through the addiction recovery process and increase their awareness

of social and emotional issues unique to female addictive behavior.  Utilizing a

strength-building workbook, women are encouraged to explore the underlying factors of their addiction and identify addictive life patterns.  


During the “exploration” sessions, women are supported and encouraged to 

safely explore and identify their life themes in relation to addiction: strengths,

difficulties, body and sexuality, stress, thrill-seeking, relationships, trauma and

violence.  In addition, the common mental health symptoms affecting women

are explored, information is provided as well as a guided opportunity for

thoughtful exploration and self-assessment of co-occurring disorders.


The “healing” sessions are designed to guide women through methods of

recovery.  Encouraging the building of new, healthier coping skills in four

domains:  relationships, beliefs, actions, and feelings - and includes a series

of exercises for each domain. 


WoW offers a variety of opportunities to explore whole being wellness,

including nutrition, beauty, self-care and more.  Women of Wellness provides

concrete information, skill building exercises, worksheets, and additional

resources to support and empower women as they delve deep into difficult

areas, the underlying factors of their addiction, identifying addictive life patterns,

and embracing on a journey of healing, recovery, and wellness.


WoW runs for 16 weeks.  One session per week.

Each session lasts 1.5 hrs.

Currently, we have two groups.  Thursday afternoon & Sunday evening.

At this time, the WoW group is a virtual meeting via ZOOM video/phone.


(Detailed ZOOM information (how-to/tutorial) will be provided during the registration process, or click the

ZOOM link below for more information on accounts, phone/computer apps, how-to, tutorials, and more.

  Account registration is free, you do not need a paid account to attend a meeting you are invited to.)

Please click the Eventbrite link below to register for WoW.


The Women of Wellness support group is proudly brought to you by

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